Madhur Shravani Painting


What are you seeing in this picture?  A beautiful newly married woman plucking flowers in the garden? Yes, that’s what it is. But do you know why it is, what it is?


What does it mean….

There is festival called ‘Madhur Shravani’, which is celebrated by newly married woman in Mithila (Madhubani, Dharbhanga and nearby area of Bihar, Janakpur and nearby area of Nepal) for her happy married life. This festival is celebrated in month of ‘Shravan (July-August)’, as the name suggests, over a period of fourteen days. It is celebrated mostly at woman’s parental house. During this festival, newly married woman adorn themselves beautifully with new dresses and jewelry, go to garden everyday to pluck the flowers. These flowers are then offered to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Every day during worship, old ladies of the village recite stories of God and Goddess, ode are sung for them and happiness and prosperity is sought for the newly wed. On completion of fourteenth day, groom’s family send new dresses and jewelry for the bride, new dresses for and her family, along with sweats, fruits, fish, makhana (fruit being cultivated in pond) etc.

Science of Sanatan Dharma says that duality of energy is required to create anything including life; neither masculinity nor feminity can create anything alone. Marriage is the celebration of coming together of masculine and feminine energy to work towards progress of this world, not only in terms of procreating and bearing the child, but improving and growing in terms of knowledge, awareness, consciousness, sentience etc. In Sanatan Dharma, Lord Shiva represents masculine energy while Goddess Parvati represents feminine energy.  Celebration of ‘Madhur Shravani’ is invocation of both the energies within, to live a cool, calm, balanced, content, happy and prosper life.

When you talk of Mithila, you talk about celebration of every aspect of Sanatan Dharma. Now, you might have understood what it is and why it is so.


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