Why We Paint Sun In Madhubani Painting

Sun painting is considered very auspicious in Mithila Painiting (Madhunani Painting) and is done at every important social function. Present thinking, system, structure, philosophy and science of Sanatan Dharma were not there in Rig Vedic period. ‘Sun’ along with ‘Air’ and ‘Fire’ were most powerful gods, probably because they were evidently most powerful sources of protection of human life.  As ‘Sun’ was very necessary for human life then, it is very necessary now and will remain forever.   That’s why; ‘Sun’ worship is ingrained in ethos of every society since ages and sun painting is very prominent every part of India.

Sun - The Saviour
Sun- The Saviour

We, the ‘Maithils’ (Domicile of Madhubani, Dharbhanga and nearby area of present day Bihar and Janakpur and nearby area of present day Nepal), have even deeper connect with ‘Sun’ God. We celebrate ‘Chhath’ every year on the 6th and 7th day after new moon of Hindi month of Kartik (October-November). There is a very beautiful story behind celebration of ‘Chhath’, which is very relevant today and will remain always, if people try to understand it.

Why Sun Painting- More Reasons

There was demon king called ‘Bhaumasur’, who had the boon that he can only be killed by the son of ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘Goddess Parvati’. Since no lesser god could defeat Bhaumasur, he defeated Lord Indra and his entire army and took over heaven. In order to defeat and kill Bhaumasur, Indra and other Devtas approached Goddess Parvati to seek her permission to take her son Lord Kartikeya for the battle. They showed their intention to make Lord Kartikeya commander of their army. Since Lord Kartikeya was just seven year old then, Goddress Parvati refused to send him to the battle.  She told them that if they couldn’t defeat Bhaumasur, then how they expect her small boy to win this battle for them. But Lord Indra and other Devtas persisted with their request reminding her that she being the creator, the all pervasive and all knowing, shouldn’t refuse because this is what is pre decided and she is part of this decision.

Finally, Goddess Parvati reluctantly agreed to send her small son to the battle, knowing this fact very well that he won’t be able to win it all of his own. So, she concentrated her power and sent it to her son through Sun god in the battle ground. Though Lord Kartikeya was fighting the battle in person but he was doing it with the help of powers of his mother sent to him through Sun god. That’s why, during every Chhath Puja, ode is sung for Mother Chhath, who symbolizes Goddess Parvati and Sun God who delivered her powers to her son and both are worshipped for four consecutive days.


This may seem a story for someone who doesn’t believe in it. But if you try to find  a meaning, you will see that every mother symbolizes Goddess Parvati, who give her energy to her children while getting them ready for every battle of their life. Sun being most prominent symbol of abundance of energy visible to us and we associate it with the love and power of our mother. We worship feminine power and we worship her in every form.  When you look at this picture, just close your eyes and remember the love, affection and energy of your mother of this size and soak this feeling inside you for some time. Allow the vibration of this feeling spread all over your body. Take 4-5 deep breath and open your eyes. You will see that you have never felt so powerful, so protected ever in your life.

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