Mithila being seat of Tantra, Kali worship is the way of life and there can’t be Kali worship without ‘Panchamakara’. ‘Fish’ is one of the ‘Panchamakara’, other being ‘meat’, ‘wine’, ‘parched grain’ and ‘communion of male and female’.  Each one of the ‘Panchamakara’ symbolizes some hidden meaning. While our nostril symbolizes two rivers, fish symbolizes the ‘breath’ we inhale and exhale, which flows through two rivers and holding the ‘breath’ in order to breath rhythmically symbolizes ‘eating’ the fish’ and mind you, we take 21000 to 21600 breaths per twenty four hour. ‘Breath’, as we all know that is most crucial for our life and we live our life not in years, months and days but in number of breaths. The moment we stop breathing forever, we stop existing forever.

Fish Painting by Mukta Rani
Madhubani Painting Art depicting Fish

Importance of Fish in Mithila Culture

That’s why, fish is very important part of Mithila’s culture and its image is considered very auspicious. There is a saying in Mithila that you should see fish before leaving for any important work; it brings good luck. If try to find out the meaning of it, you will see that if you control your breath, you control your emotions and your mind, which wins you every test.

This gets reflected in Mithila Paintings done on various occasions, marriage being the most important one. Through this painting, you not only get the chance to be the part of our culture, but our belief system, our practices and dive deep into the science and philosophy of Tantra unknowingly. Come and celebrate ‘Mithila’ through this painting with me.

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