Krishna Playing flute on the banks of Yamuna River


What a beauty is this…………

Lord Krishna playing flute in the serenity of jungle on the banks of river Yamuna…..

What an image to behold in our eyes and our mind……

Let’s explore what meaning this image has for us.

Krishna playing flute on the banks of Yamuna River
Krishna playing flute on the banks of Yamuna River

Through the eyes of Painter


Lord Vishnu, through his ten incarnations, has delivered lessons to be learnt and followed by us. He lived it to make people understand every nuance of lessons he intended to deliver, so that it does not look like just a theology. Lord Vishnu is the universal body, whether there is only one universe of many, and we in our shape are his microcosm, irrespective to our gender.

It is up to us to take lesson what we intend to, but be ready for one thing and i.e., karma never forgets the address. Words we read become our thought, thoughts we practice become our habit, habits we foster become our life and karma is connected to each one of it.

Through the incarnation as Lord Krishna, he delivered the lessons on earthly feelings like love, friendship, compassion, respect, karma, meaning of right and wrong etc.  According to our Sanatan teachings, five elements of all phenomenal existence are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akasha. Earth element is not the earth per say, but the element of earth which dominates the planet earth. Our body came to life from it and goes back to it in the end, whether it is cremated or buried. It is symbol of birth and rebirth and it is the symbol of urge and karma for sustenance. Smell is the characteristic of this element. Take the example of flowers, sandalwood, fruits, vegetables etc.; it can’t be grown everywhere with the same smell and same taste. Jungle in this image, the flora and fauna which are part of it, represent Earth element. This jungle is on the banks of river Yamuna. And what flows in the river; water. Water element controls the sense organ ‘tongue’, the emotions of physical nature like physical intimacy, favors movement and travel. In this image of Lord Krishna, you can see a peacock feather adorning his head gear, which symbolizes knowledge, awareness, protection, peace, calm, balance and growth in every aspect of life.

Now let us combine everything and try to see this picture in new light. Isn’t this picture telling us to be aware and knowledgeable, stay calm to be in peace to achieve balance and growth in the matter related to our sustenance and existence? Our knowledge and awareness, calm and peaceful mind will protect our existence as human being from any uncertainty, difficulty and untoward challenges.

A picture is never a picture alone, it is a story untold. One just need to have a relook at it and explore…

Are you ready to do so???

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