Farmer in the field

Farmer’s Life-An Inspiration


What are you seeing in this picture? A farmer is ploughing the field to sow the seed… simple as that.

But can a painter’s answer be that simple; of course not.

A farmer ploughs his field, sows the seed, water it whenever required, protects it from stray animals and wait patiently till the crop ripens. After four or five months, when crop ripens, he cuts it either for personal consumption or selling in the market to earn some money.

Through the eyes of Painter….

Now look at the whole process again and place it close to our life. Aren’t we all farmers in our life?

If we want to master something, any art, any stream of knowledge, then sowing the seed of it on dry surface won’t work. We need to plough the layers of our mind to sow the seed of knowledge, water it with discipline, persistence and hard work and wait till all of it reaches the position where it can be shown to the world or put in practice. That’s why every stream of knowledge requires a definite time before putting it into practice.

Let’s rearrange the whole story and have a relook at the picture once again. Don’t you think that we need to be a farmer to succeed in every aspect of life? And if we are not, then we can’t be successful.

Be a farmer and succeed in life…………….. Cheers !!!

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