Why Lord Ganesha Has Elephant Head: Decoded Through Madhubani Painting

You might have always wondered why Lord Ganesha’s head is of an elephant, though you might have heard the story behind it. When you come to Mithila, everything just expands, because as mentioned somewhere in the website, this place is seat of Kali worship, who in the form of Mahakali, is mother of Lord Shiva.  When she comes out from the body of Goddess Parvati, she is the wife of Lord Shiva. This is also the place where Goddess Sita was born, to whom Lord Ram, Lord Vishnu reincarnate was married. Mithila is place of established culture of thousands of year, where one can find almost everything related to Sanatan Dharma worshiped. When we talk about everything related to Sanatan Dharma, we can’t proceed without Lord Ganesha, who is worshipped before every worship. The position of Lord Ganesha is unique not just because of his position in every worship but uniqueness of his appearance, his elephant head.

Elephant Painting in Madhubani Art

Elephant- Artist’s View

Elephants, through their mammoth size, symbolize strength, power, balance, stability and wisdom. They, despite being strongest and most powerful animal of the land, never pick up fight with any other animal, not even for food. In Sanatan Dharma, relevance of elephant increases even more because of Lord Ganesh’s head resembles as one. While most of us know why his head is of elephant, but not many can decipher why?

Elephants have big ear, big trunk and big head, which are quite unlike any other animal of this planet. Elephants use their big ears to cool their head. The blood flowing through the ears is close to the outside of elephant’s body, and the heat can be released, as they flap them around. Their trunk have 40000 muscles, comprising of 1,50,000 individual units, which can lift up to 770 lb. Not only that, it can smell scent from miles away. Elephants possess a series of seven olfactory turbinals, each of which are packed with millions of olfactory receptor cells. It makes their sense of smell so strong that they can detect water source from up to 12 miles away. Though their eyes looks small in huge head, but, their mind is really very powerful and they don’t forget anything. Their 10.5 lb brain encodes identification and survival details imprinting the key data to their memory for later recall. They don’t meddle with any other animal in the jungle and keep to their herd.

Informations suggest that we receive approximately 120 million bit data per second through our eyeballs, though how much gets processed by the conscious mind is subjective to the environment and state of mind of the individual. Estimates of the bandwidth of conscious awareness are in the range of 100 bit per second of less. But even this number is huge.

Information to be imbibed in our Lives

Now, Let’s connect these informations and extrapolate to know what we want to know. Like elephant, allow all the information coming your way, but flap out those which are heating up your brain. Process the informations with cool and calm brain and allow which are necessary for your survival and growth to be encoded and imprinted for lifetime. It will help you to lift heaviest of hurdles and put aside to make way for your progress. Don’t involve yourself with anything and everything coming your way. So, elephant head of Lord Ganesha signifies state of your mind where you identify and pick the ‘King(Ish)’ of ‘Gana(informations, knowledge, thoughts)’, which will give you the wisdom to not to indulge in what is not necessary, give you power and strength to remove hurdles, bring balance and stability in your life and connect your consciousness and conscience to your energy to bring happiness all around you.


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